What is role of API in application development? What are the disadvantages of API-centric web applications? Why we use Web API?

What is role of API in application development?

API or application programming interface is a set of protocols and tools that help in connecting different software components. It allows different software modules to communicate with each other and use the functionality of other modules. API plays an important role in application development as it helps in assembling different software components into a cohesive unit. Additionally, it also helps in testing and debugging the application.

API is also beneficial for end users as it allows them to use different software modules in a way that best suits their needs. For example, an end user can combine a word processing module with a spreadsheet module to create a customised application that meets their specific requirements. This flexibility is not possible without the help of API.

API is an important part of any software development process and should be used to its full potential. By using API, developers can create better and more cohesive applications that are tailored to the needs of their users.

What are the disadvantages of API-centric web applications?

API-centric web applications have a number of disadvantages:

  1. They can be more difficult to develop and maintain.
  2. They can be less flexible and customizable.
  3. They can be less efficient and use more bandwidth.
  4. They can be more complex to deploy and scale.
  5. They can be less user-friendly and harder to use.
  6. They can be more expensive to develop and operate.
  7. They are less likely to be adopted by end users.
  8. They pose a greater security risk.
  9. They are less scalable than traditional web applications.
  10. They are less reliable and more likely to fail.

These are the main disadvantages of API-centric web applications.

API-centric web applications have a number of advantages over traditional web applications. First, they are much easier to develop and deploy. Second, they are more scalable and resilient. Third, they offer better performance and security. Finally, they are more flexible and allow for a greater degree of customization. These advantages make API-centric web applications the preferred choice for many organizations.

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