While it might sound a tad trite it is in fact true, now two projects are the same, and API development and implementation projects are no different in this respect. The process invariably starts with a conversation, information sharing and fact gathering stage – this helps ensure that we understand:

  1. what you are wanting to achieve e.g. what does project success look like to you?
  2. where you are starting from e.g. what systems are you currently using, where is your data stored?
  3. what are your biggest headaches or opportunities e.g. what are the main drivers for the API project?
  4. who are the main stakeholders e.g. do customers / suppliers need to be involved, or perhaps other departments of your company?
  5. timescales and budget e.g. when do you need the project delivering by and how much should it realistically cost?

After the initial fact-finding stage we can pull together a specification for the API development project which will include a detailed project plan and a quote for completing the API project for you.