Implementing Top REST API Practices: A Tech Company’s Guide

Implementing Top REST API Practises: A Tech Company’s Guide So you think you know everything about building REST APIs? Think again. In this guide, we’ll take you through the top practises for implementing a rock-solid API that will blow your competition out of the water. From designing principles to handling errors and optimising performance, we’ve…


Why Stellar API Documentation Matters: A UK Developer’s Viewpoint

Why Stellar API Documentation Matters: A UK Developer’s Viewpoint Imagine, you’re a developer in the UK, working on an ambitious project that requires seamless integration with various APIs. You’ve got deadlines to meet and stakeholders to please. The last thing you need is to be bogged down by poorly written API documentation that leaves you…

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The tech industry is a broad canvas teeming with inventiveness and constant change. It’s an amalgamation of multiple aspects – like software development, app creation, web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity to name a few. It is fostered today not just by established businesses but also by startups challenging norms and transforming the industry landscape. Every fulfilled customer need and every problem solved is an opportunity born in this dynamic industry.

Moreover, the demand for bespoke software, web and app development is on a relentless surge. Off-the-shelf solutions increasingly are deemed too restrictive or ill-fitting for businesses with unique needs. That’s where custom software comes into the picture. In the UK, 81% of the businesses are reported to have custom-built at least one business application and over a third, 37.8% precisely, have given a positive nod to constructing more than five. These figures reflect an industry direction towards personalized, efficient, and secure software solutions.

Within this framework, Api Guy’s Tech Industry Insights doesn’t just look to shed light on the general trends and advances, but also penetrates the often lesser-understood aspects such as ‘how technology fits into different types of organisations’, ‘what’s driving the demand for bespoke solutions’, ‘how companies adapt to technological changes’ and ‘insights into the start-up culture and environment’.

Tech Industry Insights also seeks to offer an understanding of the most formidable trends in this propel-forward sector. For instance, remote teamwork, which has seen a massive surge due to the pandemic, is transforming the tech industry, urging companies to reassess their strategies. Cybersecurity, as always, remains a critical aspect with an alarming 32% increase in cyberattacks worldwide. Survival in such a world of shifting sands lies in staying informed and ahead of the curve, something that Tech Industry Insights is committed to achieving for its readers.

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